About CJ



I rediscovered Yoga when I was looking to reclaim my body after having children. Yoga provided a much-needed turning point in my life. Originally I was attracted to the physical asana practice but became hooked for Yoga’s affects on my mind and spirit. I’ve always been athletic but I believe yoga has made me stronger, fitter and healthier (inside and out) than ever before.

I’m a Power Living trained teacher and I’ve studied yoga and meditation in Melbourne and Bali under the guidance of some of Australia’s most respected teachers.

As a mother of three I’m particularly passionate about inspiring my students to practice self-care, nourish and strengthen their minds and bodies, and allow yoga to spread into all corners of their lives.

By day, I’m a marketing and communications manager in the health sector. People often ask how I ‘fit it all in’ and I admit, it’s by no means perfect.

I’m obsessed with health and wellness and I often fantasise about taking a trip to experience NYC’s top boutique fitness studios.

This online space is for yoga lovers, yoga students and yoga teachers as well as people with a passion for health, wellness and mindfulness. It’s a collection of things that are inspiring me and what I’m teaching and practicing on and off the mat. I hope you find it a useful source of information or perhaps we’ll meet at a studio near you soon.

Coffee: Long black

Favourite place: New York City

Guilty pleasures: Wine and reading

Favourite yoga pose: Half moon (Ardha Candrāsana)

Oddest job: Restaurant judge

Career prediction at primary school: Magazine editor

Most used emojis: 👌😂❤️🥑🙌🤸‍♂️

Motto: At the moment it’s about just saying ‘yes’ and working out the details later. You can always say no but you often only get one chance to say yes. Don’t get paralysed if the path or destination isn’t crystal clear.

Favourite quote: “In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Buddha

Food intolerant or intolerable foodie?: Once an intolerable foodie (see oddest job). Does pescatarian count?