Podcast inspo

12 January 2018

Need some inspiration to get, or stay, on-track with your health and wellbeing intentions for 2018. These are the top podcasts I’m listening to and ones I’ve tried (so you don’t have to). From mainstream to woo-woo, with a good dose of real stories in between.

  1. The Rich Roll Podcast. A great conversationalist with an inspiring backstory. Rich flies the vegan flag with a healthy dose of reality that’s surprising from an LA-based demi-celebrity who left a career as a celebrity lawyer to become a vegan ultra-athlete. Come Monday nights I’m pounding the pavement after the kids are in bed listening to his latest upload, from interviews with cardiologists to athletes and anything in between.

Appeal: Vegan curious and those in recovery or who can relate to addiction.


2. I’m also obsessed with his yoga teacher wife (more woo-woo than Rich) Sri Mati.

Appeal: Yogis and spiritual wonderers.


3. The Life Stylist Podcast. Luke Storey was a muso turned fashion stylist who reinvented himself a couple of years ago as a podcast entrepreneur. His interviewee line-up is impressive as he shares results from his own trials in biohacking, health, diet, fitness and wellness trends.

Appeal: Searching for the next big thing.


4. The Balanced Blonde. It’s worth persevering with Jordan’s self-described “valley girl” accent to enjoy her insights into the latest trends in the wellness scene, from the blogger come yoga teacher that sees Sharmans like they’re Baristas.

Appeal: Yogis, and health and wellness junkies.


5. One Part Podcast. How food can change our lives and especially our health.

Appeal: Women with women’s health or hormonal issues, particularly Endometriosis, which is a huge part of Jessica’s story.


6. The Good Life Project. At no. 26, this is the highest rated wellness podcast in Australia, reflecting Jonathan Fields’ mantle as one of the pioneers in this space. His short and sharp interviews are filled with lots of take-homes to put into action.

Appeal: Health and wellness junkies and entrepreneurs.


6. Tony Robbins. Enough said.

Appeal: Anyone on the self-improvement journey.


7. My Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie by Rosie Waterland. It makes me feel like maybe I’m not that bad a mother after all.

Appeal: Women in their 20s and 30s, and those who can relate to childhood trauma or mental health issues in a parent or themselves.


Where are all the Aussies? For once we’re not punching above our weight on the world stage of podcasts.

  1. I Don’t Know How She Does It. As a listener I feel like the interviewee is being interrogated by a private investigator.
  2. Crappy to Happy. As simplistic as the title suggests and a blatant promotion for TiffXO, the former Biggest Loser trainer Tiff Hall’s fitness and diet program. How many times can you say TiffXO in a podcast? Like, hundreds.
  3. The Wellness Guys Show (well one of them is an Aussie). Hasn’t evolved since pioneering the wellness podcast space in terms of content or professionalism.
  4. However, I’ve recently started listening to The Slow Home Podcast, which is looking good so far.


Tell us your favourites in the comments below. All the best for a wonderful, healthful year ahead.


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